CNC Lathe Hole Cutter - Taiwan High Quality Lathe Hole Cutter, Electric Edge Finder Manufacturer | Mong Fong CO., LTD.

Established in 1986

The company is a professional grinding plant founded in 1986


Through 30 years, we committed to the CNC lathe hole cutter sets, including the standard sleeve, or special needs of the lengthen Collet, ER Collet, Eccentric Collet, milling machine mechanical, and so on. We keep improving research, development and innovation to CNC, traditional lathe sleeves, milling machine series collet and related products. We hope to enhance the efficiency and safety of the lathe and milling machine operation process. And, we have many patents about the series products of our milling machine mechanical.


MENG FENG CO., LTD. has maintained the quality assurance of the products in the lathe and milling machine operation, and the safety of the operation as the focus of product development. The new finder products are not only improve the safety Degree to producer of milling machine, and enhance the durability of the product. We hope to provide the most sophisticated and durable products and cost-effective manner to customers.

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